Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mind your own business

So I went to Starbucks with my sister today after my final this morning just to get coffee with her and I arrived before her so I found a table with a outlet so that I can study for my next final. There was a couch that was behind me. My sister finally showed up and we got some coffee and sat back down at the table. There was a older guy that was behind me on the couch and every time that her and I would start talking the guy would stare at us. I didn't realize that he was looking at us till my sister said something so I told her to let me know that he looked at us again. So he did and I turned around and asked him if he wanted to join in on what we were talking about.

I can be rude but I have NEVER in my life have I been so rude to look at the people that were talking next to me. Yeah I will listen in but I know better to not look at them while they talked. Though what this guy was doing was more then just looking he was staring at us. When I turned around to ask him if he wanted to join in he got all flustered, grabbed his laptop and left.

If you are going to be listening in to what the people are talking about don't stare at them. To be good at listening in is to LISTEN to them not look at them every time they start talking. After awhile they will catch on to you and they will stop talking or just leave.

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