Friday, June 22, 2012

Job hiring

This is my little annoyance. I am in search of a job at the moment so I went to craigslist and sent out emails to some posts and one person had the nerve to give me advice. 

I have multiple emails set up in my mail client on my Mac and didn't realize what email I was sending the email from and I had forgotten to send along my resume so he sent a email back with this: 
" Normally I would have just tossed this email but in an attempt to help you
find a job I thought I would give you a bit of advise.
First off, always send your resume and a proper cover letter.  Time is
valuable and nobody gives a darn if you are interested in this position.
You better be showing them something about you in a resume and letter to get
them interested in calling you.
Secondly.  Change your email address.  Its unprofessional and immature.
Not many people in a professional environment want an "uptownbabe" working
handling their business.

Good luck to you" 

As someone whose dad was a English major and English teacher for awhile I have a firm grasp of the English language. So I sent a reply back to the person saying that it was advice not advise, gave definitions of both words, and that it was either working or handling. Can't have both unless you place "and" between the two words. They then had the nerve to respond back to me saying "lol touché" That is very unprofessional to have grammar issues AND after the person correcting them say lol touché. It is disrespectful to say that to a potential employee or someone that you know casually. 

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