Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who are you really?

Have you ever talked to your neighbors? I mean really talked to them?

I know few of my neighbors but it seems like I don't truly know who they are. When I come home from school the last thing that I want to do is talk to someone because I either have way too much homework, way too much on my mind or I am just not in the mood to be talking to someone.

There is such a social disconnect among people it is nuts. Yes we have blogs, twitter, Facebook, emails, ims and various other things that keep us "connected." This is not a real interaction among people. No matter how much you are addicted to such outlets there is still a little bit of a person that wants physical contact with a real human.

I got to thinking that if anything did happen to me no body would think to come check on me. I am also guilty of not being there for them either. Yes I do smile and wave as I pass them but nobody ever just stops and just talks about the weather and various other things.

We need to get back to those days where you trust your neighbors with your property and will trust that if you see something strange at their place that you would call them and then call the cops.

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